Remember the days when you’d need to wait days to deposit or withdraw money from your betting account? Fortunately, those days are long gone., and we have innovative payment methods like Trustly to thank for this. 

In particular, Trustly’s Pay N Play option is revolutionising the online gaming space. The service allows for fast payments, while the benefits for operators are also wide and varied. 

In this article, you’ll find out why Trustly Pay N Play is so popular with both players and operators. We’ll also point you in the direction of betting websites that accept Trustly as a payment option. 

What is Pay N Play?

Pay N Play is a payment option that allows for swift deposits and withdrawals on various betting sites. The product was launched in 2015 and has since gained a reputation for both efficiency and trust within the iGaming space. 

With Pay N Play, players don’t need to go through a registration process before wagering with their favourite operator. Instead, you just have to verify your identity when you deposit. 

By November 2019, Trustly had 100 live brands using the platform. 

Benefits for players 

For players, the biggest benefit of using Pay N Play is not having to go through a lengthy verification process. After depositing with an operator, Trustly sends Know Your Customer (KYC) information to the betting site. In the process, an account is created at the casino in question. 

If you’ve spent any decent amount of time on a betting site, you’ll likely have encountered lengthy waits for withdrawals to be processed. However, Trustly has worked to eliminate this problem. 

Withdrawing with Pay N Play is also easy and instant. This is especially important when a Trustly survey found that 94% of players want speedy withdrawals. When taking money out of your betting account using this payment method, you won’t need to wait days to receive your funds. 

Using Trustly’s service also ensures security for the player. For a start, KYC checks remain compliant with regulations. The Stockholm-based fintech company also uses high-level encryption, which itself is used in conjunction with the security measures that a customer’s bank has in place. Trustly also clears user information as soon as the transaction is complete, ensuring your details are held for no longer than necessary.

Benefits for merchants 

Alongside the benefits for players, Pay N Play is also handy for online gaming sites. Operators can improve the user experience drastically by skipping the registration stage, which is where 24% of players normally drop out. 

Another perk for betting sites is that they can ensure compliance, without needing to do too much manual work. As such, they can protect themselves from malicious outside forces and avoid expensive regulatory breaches. 

Thanks to its efficiency, Pay N Play also helps operators to improve player loyalty. Having a fast way to deposit and withdraw is vital for most players, and offering these will increase overall lifetime value. 

Which betting websites accept Trustly? 

Trustly is accepted at numerous licensed online casinos in the UK. Some of the most recognisable names that enable deposits with the fintech service include 888casino, Mr. Q and Play Ojo. 

You’ll also be able to make use of various bonuses and offers at the majority of Trustly casinos. These include free spins and matched deposits, and more. 

Head over to the Best Trustly Casinos page for more information about operators that offer this service, plus tips on depositing. 

Here’s why Pay N Play is so popular 

Pay N Play is a popular way to pay among players, and for good reason. The service is easy to use, secure and fast. Users can create a gambling account with much less friction than would otherwise be the case. 

For operators, the fast deposits and withdrawals are also useful for improving customer experience. Gambling sites can increase player loyalty and simultaneously reduce the number of users who drop out before depositing. 

In a world where speed is king, Trustly has created a payment method that lets players do more of the playing and less of the manual work.