During the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, esports betting gained recognition for its growth in the absence of real-world sports. But truth be told, the vertical was on an upward curve well before the pandemic.

One payment service taking note and delving deeper into esports is Paysafecard. And for online casino operators, doing so might indirectly benefit them.

This article will discuss how Paysafecard’s partnerships within esports might help to grow the casino industry.

The growth of esports

The number of people watching esports has, according to Newzoo, risen from 79 million in 2018 to 92 million in 2020. And that’s in Europe alone.

Coinciding with that jump in viewers, revenue within the industry is also growing. The same study predicted that esports will generate US$1.6 billion globally by 2023.

With the rises in viewership and revenue, esports betting is also becoming more popular. Though minuscule compared to the $400 billion+ that the worldwide gambling industry was believed to be worth last year, websites within this vertical were predicted to pocket $1.8 billion in 2020.

Paysafecard’s partnerships within esports

Paysafecard has become well established within esports, signing numerous partnerships within the industry. The payment solution is partnered with the ESL One and ESL Pro Leagues, as well as the ESL National Championship.

The service also sponsors G2 Esports.

In addition to its sponsorships, Paysafecard also hosts numerous experiences for fans to take part in. One example includes Ultimate Experience, which allows fans to enjoy some of the most significant esports events with VIP tickets, travel and hotel fees covered, and more.

How could Paysafecard’s esports partnerships help casino betting?

Though Paysafecard has become a familiar name among esports fans, its partnerships might also boost the popularity of casino operators accepting the service.

Here are three of the biggest reasons this will be the case.

Use Paysafecard across different sites

Paysafecard customers can use the solution across numerous websites outside of esports. Beyond social media, entertainment and travel, you can use the service on various betting sites.

Some of the online casinos where you can use Paysafecard include Paddy Power, Vegas Spins, and All British Casino.

By integrating with so many online casinos, Paysafecard customers have a broad church of options to pay and play at.

Varying interests

Though esports fans may use Paysafecard to pay for related goods and bet on their favourite players, the chances are that they have interests elsewhere too. Naturally, esports betting can also often cross with other gambling verticals. Sports betting is an obvious one, but players might also enjoy playing online casino games. And if that’s the case, they can use their Paysafecard funds instead of having to switch between different payment methods. 

Increased exposure

Another benefit of Paysafecard signing numerous esports partnerships is that the service gets its name in front of more people. In 2020, for example, 89 million hours were dedicated to watching the ESL Pro League.

With numbers like that and increased brand exposure, it’s likely that Paysafecard will attract more esports fans to its services, and those fans will be readily equipped to pay for bets on other gambling verticals to the benefit of casino sites offering the option.

Use Paysafecard with your favourite casino sites

One of the benefits of using Paysafecard is how widely available the service is, especially with online casinos. You can use the solution at various licensed operators in the UK – enjoying easy deposits in the process.

Secure, anonymous and trusted, Paysafecard offers an ideal option for users looking for an alternative payment method to fund their casino accounts.