UK charity Gambling With Lives has proposed a new pathway for problem gambling sufferers in the country. 

The project would work alongside existing treatment and care initiatives that are available in Britain. 

Gambling With Lives has applied for funding so it can move forward with developing and implementing the scheme. 

Key details 

Gambling With Lives has associated a variety of goals with the initiative, including stopping gambling altogether. The charity also wants to help individuals identify how their behaviour affects those around them, and improve their mental wellbeing

In the early phases, the group will focus on awareness. Through education, Gambling With Lives aims to promote its services to those who might need help. Beyond that, it will identify people who might need help with screening projects and other outreach tactics. 

After that, the next action steps would be determined based on the individual’s needs. Possible action could include motivational interviews or help and advice. Peer support and therapy are also possible. 

Those working on the programme plan to follow up with individuals after treatment to see how they’re making progress. 

Gambling With Lives Co-Founder Liz Ritchie said: “It is essential that people harmed by gambling are at the forefront of designing care and treatment for gambling disorder.

“We know how few people access treatment, how few feel helped, and this design for a care and treatment pathway aims to redress this.”

Support from elsewhere

Gambling With Lives has applied for funding from the UK Gambling Commission, which would come in the form of regulatory settlements. It plans to run a pilot in partnership with bodies in Greater Manchester. 

The scheme has received support from elsewhere. Lord Foster of Bath, who has been vocal about gambling reforms, said: 

“As parliamentarians work on improving gambling legislation to tackle gambling harm, it’s great to see people who have been harmed by gambling at the forefront of the push to enable more access to evidence-based treatment.  

“Our recommendation for the introduction of a smart levy should help fund such treatment, ensure it’s free of industry influence and led by the NHS.  We welcome the creative work of Gambling with Lives in this area which is rooted in the needs of families.”