Neteller is well-known for how accommodating it is towards gambling payments compared to some other service providers. Recently, it upped the ante with regards to giving back to customers. 

Through the new loyalty programme, Neteller Knect, customers can earn rewards once they’ve got enough points. But how does it work in full, and what are the benefits for online casino players? 

This article will look at both of these factors, along with providing a walkthrough on how to sign up for it. 

How does Neteller Knect work?

Knect is a pretty simple concept. Players earn points which they can then exchange for tangible rewards. 

You can earn points in any of the following ways: 

  • Depositing money into your Neteller account; 
  • Withdrawing money
  • Virtual and real-life payments with the Net+ prepaid Mastercard; 
  • Buying or selling (of interest) a supported cryptocurrency. 

For each of the above, customers receive one point for every USD involved. Note that this figure is representative of the amount spent in GBP when converted to USD. 

You can also earn 0.5 loyalty points per USD for transferring cryptocurrencies to another existing Neteller customer

When transferring to a merchant, you can earn 0.25 loyalty points per USD. It’s worth noting, however, that bet365 is currently excluded from this. 

Now you know how to gain loyalty points, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using Neteller Knect.

More accessible rewards for your loyalty 

If you’ve used Neteller for a while, you’ll know about its tiered VIP scheme. The problem, however, is that getting onto the first level requires a lot of effort. 

To qualify for the silver scheme, players must transfer at least $15,000 to a merchant each quarter. Gold is $45,000, while diamond is $150,000 and exclusive is reserved for those transferring more than $600 in this time period. 

When it comes to online casino games, the average player is not going to transfer anywhere near that amount. 

Knect allows everyone with a Neteller to take part; even if you use your account casually, you’ll still earn points over time. 

It’s not only transactions that matter

Another benefit of Knect is that you earn points for much more than transactions alone. Even if you don’t transfer to another merchant, depositing alone will – for example – help you build up your points. 

Since you can earn points in multiple ways, the scheme isn’t limited to those transferring large sums of cash. Instead, even the average users will be able to build up a decent number of points over time. 

Picking up points away from betting 

Of course, you’re not limited to solely using your Neteller account for online gambling, and you’ll earn points for using your account and any associated prepaid cards. Besides online shopping, you can use the prepaid card to purchase items offline too. 

By diversifying how you use your Neteller account, you’ll earn more points in a shorter space of time. 

How to sign up for Neteller Knect

Signing up for Neteller Knect is free; the only requirement is that you become a customer with the provider. 

To sign up for Knect, open the Neteller app or navigate to the company’s website, and sign into your account. You’ll see a Knect banner, which is where you can agree to become a part of the programme.  Simply click or tap here, and follow the on-screen prompts.

Knect: a free way to get more out of your Neteller account

Using Neteller has numerous benefits for gambling. Safe, fast and discreet, the payment method is also accepted on numerous operator websites. 

With Knect, players now have another way to earn points and get real rewards in return. The scheme is easy to sign up for and simply requires you to use your account like you normally would. 

When you’ve signed up for Neteller and Knect, you can use to start researching the best online casino sites for your needs. Once you’ve found your ideal fit and clicked through to sign up, you’re ready to deposit and begin building up your Knect points whilst playing online casino games.