With its head office in Armenia, Galaxsys entered the iGaming world in 2021 with the confidence of a company that knows what it’s doing. And this confidence is wholly justified when you recognise the level of iGaming industry experience that’s held by each of the founding members. 

As a games studio, Galaxsys focuses on two areas of design – skill and fast games. Across this last year, the team has produced a range of titles, including popular favourites such as backgammon and dominoes, alongside titles aimed at those looking for an adrenaline-rush, such as Rocketon, Sic Bo, and a football-inspired game called Penalty. 

In just one year, Galaxsys has gained licences in multiple jurisdictions, reached hundreds of casinos around the world, and supports over 90 currencies. And despite not yet being available in the UK, achieving a UKGC licence is high up on the team’s list of aims and ambitions.

With all this in mind, we spoke to Gil Soffer, Galaxsys’ Senior Vice President of Sales, to discuss the games studio’s past year, and what we can expect from them in 2023. 


AS: Hello Gil, thanks so much for your time today. Let’s start off with the latest update from Galaxsys – tell us about Hexagon, the newest game from your studio’s developers.

GS: Yes, absolutely. We have a fantastic portfolio of over 15 games composed of fast and skill products. We produce one or two games per month and are leaders in this segment of the market, which is on an upward trend globally. Our latest game, Hexagon, is a strategic board game that is both captivating and intuitive. The game launch took place at the SBC Summit Barcelona and it was a huge success among our visitors.


AS: As a company, Galaxsys is still fairly new to the scene, how do you think it has managed to achieve so much in just one year?

GS: Our games offer a unique experience to the player, thanks to the great graphics, animations, and features. They cater to the new generation of players, those that are looking for thrilling and exciting games, and consequently, these titles are going mainstream and generating substantial revenues. The cross-sell rate with sports is particularly high, and they perform extremely well when positioned and promoted in separate tabs. They can also be used as mini-games.

In all the shows we attended – in London, Malta, Amsterdam, Singapore, Bucharest and Barcelona – we had great demand from platforms, aggregators, and operators that understand that they need to diversify into this new and profitable breed of content to satisfy their players’ expectations. 


AS: What sets Galaxsys apart from other game studios?

GS: We have a very talented team of 50+ professional developers, designers and multimedia experts. Currently, we specialise entirely in fast and skill games and have an unmatched portfolio of experience in this relatively new segment of the market. We invest a lot of resources in our games and recently, in cooperation with Fashion TV Gaming Group, launched the Cash Show – the first-ever luxury fast game with unique features such as 50% cash out, auto cash out, auto bet, past results, and leaderboard. Not many studios are capable of such ingenuity and perfection! We invest the necessary resources to produce the best games for our players and partners. 


AS: Your focus is on fast and skill games – do you see a time where you will develop into other gaming genres?

GS: We plan to focus primarily on fast games as we feel it’s the future of casino games. Today, hundreds of new slot games come out every month in the market, produced by hundreds of studios, which for the most part, are copies or skins of older generation games. We feel players are slowly turning away from slots and looking for new innovative games. That’s why our games are doing so well and we intend to be the leaders in this segment and drive innovation in this market. 

Gil Soffer – Galaxsys SVP of Sales


AS: Your games already feature in over 100 casinos around the world, how do you ensure you are creating games that suit each of the very different markets?

GS: We see all our games are popular globally in all continents, in Europe, Asia, LatAm and Africa. Although there are local tastes, especially for skill games, as each market has its preferred content, we do feel the modern player is global and is captivated by the same emotions and passions. Even so, we intend to focus on specialised games in certain markets in the future, such as LatAm, Asia, and Eastern Europe, and to develop bespoke games with key operators.


AS: The Galaxsys website very clearly sets out all of its associated licences – how important is it to your team to ensure transparency with regards to safe and regulated gameplay? Does this influence your choice of partners?

GS: Of course, we want a safe environment for all our players and adhere to the strictest responsible gaming requirements. We have the highest level of ISO certification and our technology is state of the art. We are moving fast to get licences in most of the regulated markets around the world. We already have licences in Curacao, Malta, Romania, Bulgaria, and soon in Italy, Greece, Croatia, and Colombia. We also aim to have licences soon in the UK, Spain, Switzerland, and Portugal. This shows we are committed to regulated markets!


AS: You already have an impressive list of partners – do you find that game design is inspired with them in mind or do you create games based around your particular style and work from there?

GS: We produce our games with our players in mind and try to offer them the best gaming experience and features. Our partners recognize our innovation and the quality of our games and trust we will continue to supply them with a great range. To ensure this, our talented team of product managers and designers is getting deeper into the market and speaking regularly with our partners to get their feedback on new releases and on their visions and preferences. 


AS: You’ve attended several events over the last year, such as the SBC Summit in Barcelona in September, and the CasinoBeats Summit in Malta back in May, showing that you are able to stand alongside the biggest names in the industry. Is this confidence borne particularly from the experience of the Galaxsys founders, and leaders like yourself with over 14 years in the industry?

GS: We are proud to be part of a successful family, employing over 2000 employees and with such an impressive track record of great products. I’ve been in the industry for 14 years with such prominent companies as Playtech, Pariplay, Skywind, and hope to bring my experience and know-how. I am fortunate to have a creative and motivated team and I’m sure we will succeed in all our endeavours. 


AS: You’ve had an incredibly busy 2022, what’s next on the agenda for Galaxsys?

GS: We will have a busy 2023 with over 20 new games planned, hundreds of new partners, and, hopefully, spectacular growth of our revenues. We are targeting all continents and substantially increasing our human resources. We are excited and can’t wait to start this amazing new year!