UK’s Best Zimpler Casinos

Updated April 2020

Many mobile casino players seeking a fast and easy payment method have found that Zimpler fits the bill, perfectly. We’ve got all the information so you can find out if this relatively new payment method is right for you plus a list of the best UK Zimpler casinos where you can start playing immediately.

Mobile players need a trusted service which is not only fast and safe but user-friendly, too. Zimpler ticks all three boxes.

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Why use Zimpler at an online casino?

There are various payment methods you can use to make deposits with online casinos. Deciding if Zimpler – previously named ‘Pugglepay’ is the right one for you can take some thought. Like other third-party payment apps, one advantage that Zimpler offers is that it helps to make your financial transactions more secure. Instead of giving sensitive information to lots of different sites, you just need to give your card details to one entity, which is obviously advantageous. But, plenty of other payments services offer this, so what makes Zimpler different from other banking methods?

Many people love the convenience of Zimpler, especially when they like using their phone for visiting online casinos. You only need to enter your phone number and verification code to make a payment – there’s no need to log in or go through several steps. Another benefit you might enjoy is that you can set spending limits. If you’re worried about overspending at one of our new casinos, you can set up a monthly budget.

How to deposit at an online casino using Zimpler:

  1. Choose one of our top online casinos that offers deposits using Zimpler from our list. Follow the link to head straight to the registration page.

  2. Once your account has been verified, you can make a deposit. Choose Zimpler as your payment method at the cashier. Enter the amount you wish to deposit, and then you will be asked to put in your phone number.

  3. An account with Zimpler will be created for you when you use it for the first time. You’ll need to add your card details at the point. This is a one-time affair, once your account is created you will not need to provide these details again.

  4. To pay using Zimpler just enter your mobile number and a security code will be sent via SMS. Insert this and confirm payment.

  5. The transaction process is instant so you begin playing right away. Find a great game and enjoy!


There are no fees to pay when you use Zimpler as a deposit method or to pay for anything else. In this way, it mirrors a lot of other online payment services. You just need to check that you’re within the minimum and maximum deposit amounts for the casino. However, if you choose to pay for Zimpler by receiving a bill instead of connecting your card, there is a small fee of between 9 and 49 Swedish Krona (about £0.80 to £4.35 or $1 to $5.80).


It’s important to make secure transactions when you pay for things online. Zimpler makes payment at online casinos safer using a couple of different methods. Firstly, it puts a barrier between your bank and the casino. You don’t have to directly give the online casino your card details or any information about your bank account. Another security measure offered by Zimpler is that it uses security codes, sent to you by SMS. So someone can’t simply input your phone number and expect you to be billed. They would also need to have your phone, which should have its own security measures (like a locked screen and password protection).

Deposit bonuses

With this being another payment method that is directly connected to a bank account, you won’t have any problem in claiming the casino’s best deposit bonuses. This is another advantage a service like this holds over e-wallets which are often excluded from the lavish welcome and no deposit bonuses on offer.

Our verdict

As the name suggests, Zimpler is ‘simpler’. All you need to know is your own phone number to use it. This means you can play where and when you want – even without having your cards on hand. A very good option for mobile players to consider. If you also like the sound of Zimpler, you can choose one of the top Zimpler-friendly casinos from our list. Each offers a great all-round package of games – inducing blackjack, roulette, slots live casino and more, bonuses and promotions. Get signed up and you will be winning at one of our new casino games before you know it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you withdraw with Zimpler?

    There isn’t the possibility of withdrawing your money. If you use Zimpler to make a casino deposit, you will need to use another method to withdraw your winnings.

  • Which cards can you use with Zimpler?

    You can use a variety of cards such as Visa, Mastercard and Maestro or go direct through your local bank account.

  • How are Zimpler bills sent?

    If you choose to get a bill instead of automatically paying with your card, you will get one 24 hours after you make a payment. It will be sent via email and also appear on your Zimpler account. Occasionally, you might receive a bill through the post if you have failed to make a payment or if Zimpler is unable to email you.


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