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For online casinos players, a fast and secure payment method is essential. Alipay provides this and more, which is why this popular Chinese payment option is becoming a big deal on British shores. Here’s our list of the finest Alipay casinos to help get you started – we’re certain you’ll find one which fits your game!

Alipay is another winning service offered by the legendary Jack Ma’s Alibaba company. With 500 million users in China alone, you simply can’t go wrong using it!

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Why use Alipay at an online casino?

Using Alipay, like any third-party payment app or e-wallet, provides you a range of benefits. The main reason many casino players choose Alipay is for the enhanced security it offers. Using Alipay means you don’t share your bank or card details with the casino so there is no chance of this information falling into the wrong hands if there was ever a breach.

Alipay’s focus is on the world moving towards a ‘no cash society’; thus, this service is far more than your average e-wallet such as PayPal, Neteller or Skrill. In essence, it’s a lifestyle choice – a smarter, safer and faster way to pay for the things you want both online and offline. In addition, Alipay gives complete refunds if any unauthorised transactions occur, plus 90 days payment protection, too. Their real-time monitoring helps with risk management and picks up on any suspicious activity as soon as possible. They even recently unveiled a facial recognition feature which puts this app at the forefront in terms of cutting-edge security.

How to deposit at an online casino using Alipay

  1. Understandably, you need to use a casino which accepts this online payment method. Whilst it’s not as widely accepted as Mastercard or Visa, there’s a growing number of online casinos for you to choose from. We’ve got the top ones on this page, so pick the one you fancy and get signed up.

  2. Use the ‘deposit’ button or head to the cashier section and choose Alipay as your preferred payment option.

  3. You won’t need any personal banking details, so select your deposit amount and insert your deposit bonus code if necessary. You’ll be asked to provide a OTP (one time pin) which proves that it is you making the transfer request.

  4. The deposited funds will arrive instantly and your bonus should be credited, too. All that remains is for you to find a favourite game and enjoy yourself.


Of course, with any third-party payment app, you will want to be aware of any possible fees you could incur. Fortunately, you are unlikely to need to pay any fees to use Alipay with online casinos in the UK. There are no fees for transactions so you can deposit money into your casino account without worry. However, Alipay has introduced a small fee for withdrawing money over a certain amount. So if you want to move money from your Alipay account, you will need to start paying after you have withdrawn the equivalent of US$3,000 (about £2,240). This upper limit can be avoided by collecting points from using Alipay services.


Along with the awesome new facial recognition security system that is currently being rolled-out, Alipay offers SMS verification which is connected to the user’s mobile phone number. Also, there are digital certificates providing data encryption and server lock-ins, an addition payment shield and security protection questions among others. All-in-all, this makes Alipay one of the most robust e-wallets and best payment providers on the market.

Deposit bonuses

The UK Gambling Commission is quite tough on e-wallet users when it comes to deposit-related bonuses. A general rule is that most online casinos don’t allow this payment method to be used to claim matched deposit offers. However, there are a few exceptions to be found.

Therefore, use our list and compare a few sites to see which ones allow bonuses when using Alipay. Although, you should consider several other factors when choosing the best casino for you. Having a good bonus to play with is always nice too.

Our verdict

From a UK player’s perspective, Alipay payment systems are certainly one for the future. Yes, this online payment gateway is massive in China but it will take some time before it’s fully adopted in Europe.

However, quality counts, and this is a top-notch service which is why casinos and players are starting to sit up and take notice. It’s only black mark at the moment is that it’s not as widely accepted as most other options but if you want to use Alipay, then we have the right casinos for you!


Frequesntly Asked Questions

  • Yes, you don’t need to be resident in China to use Alipay, but if you want to connect a bank account, it needs to be a Chinese account. However, for international players you’re able to use a credit card to fund your account.

  • Yes, very much so. Alipay takes steps to ensure it secure and to keep its users safe.

  • You are unlikely to need to pay any fees for your casino deposits or withdrawals, but there may be some small fees on withdrawing back to your personal card after a while.

  • This largely depends on the casino site. Once processed by them, you’ll get your money within the hour. Fast withdrawals are one of the great strengths of e-wallets.


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