UK gambling charity GamCare will carry out a new project to better understand the behaviours of online gamblers in the country. 

The organisation has partnered with Ignition House, City University, and LAB to complete this research.

GamCare will begin by interviewing a small pool of gamblers, before carrying out a bigger study across the country. 

Efforts being made to gather more information about online gambling habits in the UK 

In the first stage of this project, GamCare will conduct hour-long interviews with 20 individuals who have gambled online in the last six months. These will probably take place early next year, with participants encouraged to express their interest before Christmas. 

Phase two will be a larger study focusing on quantity and assessing broader habits throughout the UK. 

In an article published on its website, GamCare said:

“This research aims to make online gambling significantly safer, with the vision of developing knowledge and interventions that protect gamblers by moving them away from harm and towards protection in digital gambling environments. 

“Helping with this research will be extremely valuable and impact positively on the wider online gambling community.”

“An opportunity for the team to learn” 

GamCare said that the purpose of this study is to “identify potential indicators of vulnerability for people gambling online”. 

The charity continued: 

“The interview will involve questions and answers to help the team understand online gambling behaviour. There are no right or wrong answers, the interview is purely an opportunity for the team to learn about experiences, behaviours and feelings towards online gambling.” 

GamCare seeking to provide more resources for problem gamblers

In September, GamCare released a free online solution for financial institutions, gambling companies and debt advice agencies in the UK. The features included in this kit will help these businesses to offer support to customers who may be suffering from the harmful effects of gambling. This service was designed with the input of people who had been negatively affected by gambling in the past, as well as high street banks, debt charities and agencies, and businesses within the gambling sector.

In mid-October, the charity also revealed findings from its Women’s Voices survey. GamCare found that many women have chosen not to seek help for gambling problems because they thought this was only a male issue. 

That survey formed part of the Women’s Programme, which focuses on helping to break down barriers stopping women from seeking help for gambling-related issues.