How To Win At Slots: Your Definitive, Unbiased Guide

Want to know the secrets of how to win at slots? We share some advice far more useful than any 'tips and tricks' you might find elsewhere.

Much like any other casino game, online slot machines are games with odds based in maths. Naturally, we all want the best chance of hitting a big win, so players are constantly looking for new methods and ‘tricks’ to tilt these odds in their favour.

If you’re looking for the secrets of winning at online slots, you may be disappointed  as there is no hidden method or incredible tactic to beat the casino. However, there are a number of key points to always remember when playing slots, and they might just help you walk away with a tidy profit. So, don’t get caught up in the dream of finding a way to cheat the system, as it doesn’t exist.

  1. Slots are random. In order to avoid a straitjacket and a padded cell you need to realise that the results of slot machines are random. There is no controlling them. Don’t think a game is lucky or that a jackpot is destined to payout soon.
  2. Each Spin is its Own Spin. There is no link between one spin and the next. Each spin is determined by random number generator (RNG) and the odds are the same- nothing changes. This means that looking for patterns and trying to predict a future outcome is futile. Avoid any strategy that tells you different.
  3. Check the RTP. Return to player (RTP) is the amount of all the money paid into the machine that is, on average, paid out again to players. The casino always takes a cut, but this varies from game to game. RTP is represented as a percentage; the higher the percentage, the more the game pays out. Ideally, look for games with an RTP in the high 90s.
  4. Play Fixed Jackpots. That’s not a jackpot that is rigged, but one that doesn’t move! Playing these kind of games gives you a higher chance of winning the jackpot. Progressive jackpots tend to be linked together meaning the jackpot is much bigger, but with more people competing for the jackpot your chance of winning is much smaller too.
  5. Play Mini Progressive Jackpots at Boiling Point. While this might seem to contradict the previous tip, depending on how risky and ambitious you want to be you can follow either. Mini progressive jackpots, because they are smaller, have a ‘boiling point’ or an ‘expected value’ that they will payout on. This might be around £50-£200. This is the maximum jackpot and it must payout at this level. It’s impossible to guarantee that you’ll get the jackpot but if you begin playing when the jackpot is nearing the max, then you might get lucky and because it is smaller, it will payout more often.
  6. Know a Game’s Variance. High variance slots pay out higher sums but less often. Low variance games payout lower sums but more often. Learn to read the paytable or find out the reputation of your game. This can help you in game selection and in betting strategy. Don’t bet huge stakes that will exhaust your pot quickly on high variance; and don’t expect big wins on low variance.
  7. Budget. This might sound a little too dry when you want to be having fun playing slots, but if you lose more money than you can afford, the delights of slots and jackpots can soon become a trauma you might need a counsellor as well as an accountant to get over.
  8. Know When to Quit. This goes hand-in-hand with pre-planning your finances. Making a decision about when to walk away is tricky when you’re enthralled to the highs and lows of the game, so do it beforehand, set your limits and stick to it. For example, after you’ve won the jackpot: quit! It’s possible you’ll hit two jackpots consecutively, but it’s very, very unlikely. Why not go out on top?
  9. Try Before You Buy. One advantage that online slots have over physical games is that you can play them in demo mode, without wagering any money, first. Of course you can’t win on a high payout slot when trialing a demo , but you will get a feel for the game and a chance to understand how it works all for free!

There’s no easy method of winning slots, unless you get lucky. It’s true, slots are games of chance but this doesn’t mean you are completely subject to the whims of fate. By applying these tips to your playing style you can maximise your payback and have more fun while you’re doing it.

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